Safety & Trustly Last update 6 months ago

At Banigig, we care about the trust and safety of our users. We want to create a safe, trusted, and reliable environment for buyers and sellers to engage with each other and complete transactions. That’s why we have implemented various policies, programs, and strategies to protect our community from fraud, harassment, and other risks.

How We Protect Our Users

We use a combination of identity verification, activity monitoring, user feedback, and manual review to ensure the quality and legitimacy of our users and their services. Here are some of the ways we protect our users:

  • Identity Verification: We verify the identity of every user who joins our platform using digital identity verification tools, such as biometric data, facial recognition, or document verification. This helps us prevent fake or fraudulent accounts and establish trust between buyers and sellers.
  • Activity Monitoring: We monitor the activity of our users on our platform using advanced algorithms and link analysis. This helps us detect and prevent suspicious or malicious behavior, such as spam, phishing, or scamming.
  • User Feedback: We encourage our users to leave honest and constructive feedback for each other after every transaction. This helps us maintain a transparent and fair rating system that reflects the performance and reputation of our users.
  • Manual Review: We have a dedicated team of trust and safety experts who manually review and investigate any reports or complaints from our users. This helps us resolve any issues or disputes that may arise and take appropriate actions against any violations of our terms and conditions.

How You Can Help Us

We also ask our users to help us maintain a high level of trust and safety on our platform by following some simple guidelines and best practices. Here are some of the ways you can help us:

  • Be Honest and Respectful: We expect our users to be honest and respectful in their interactions with each other. We do not tolerate any form of dishonesty, harassment, discrimination, or abuse on our platform.
  • Be Careful and Responsible: We advise our users to be careful and responsible when using our platform. We recommend that you do not share any personal or financial information with other users, use our secure payment system, and communicate through our messaging system.
  • Be Informed and Aware: We encourage our users to be informed and aware of the potential risks and challenges of online marketplaces. We suggest that you read our terms and conditions, privacy policy, and user guidelines before using our platform, and report any suspicious or inappropriate activity to us.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us anytime. We are always happy to hear from you and assist you in any way we can.

Thank you for choosing Banigig.