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Viewing Your Orders

Viewing past orders you've placed can be done on the Manage Orders page, where you can also click through to your order status.

To view orders:
  1. Once logged in, from the Buying menu, click Orders.
  2. To view order details, within the ACTIVE tab, click the relevant order.

On the Manage Orders page, you have the following statuses:
  • ACTIVE: These are orders you've recently made and are still in process.
  • MISSING DETAILS: These are orders you've placed, but for which you didn't yet submit information for the seller to start the order.
  • AWAITING MY REVIEW: These are orders that have been completed and are waiting for you to provide a review of the seller.
  • DELIVERED: These are orders that you've placed and have been delivered by the seller.
  • COMPLETED: These are orders that have been delivered by the seller and accepted by you as a completed order.
  • CANCELLED: These are all cancelled orders, whether by customer support or mutually cancelled orders.

  • You can use the search box to the right to search orders, users, and messages.
  • Clicking an order on the list takes you to the order page.
  • Hovering over the right of the status icon, you can click to view the Gig page, seller profile, or resolve an issue through the Resolution Center.

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