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Using Your Inbox

Your inbox is where you receive messages from sellers. 

To view your inbox: 
  • Once logged in, from the Buying menu, click Messages > Inbox, and then click See All in Inbox. 

Within a conversation, you can see the seller's online status and local time. In addition, you can view more information regarding the seller, such as average response time, spoken languages, your order history with the seller, and the seller's level.

Note: Within a conversation, next to the Send button, you can click the arrow and decide whether pressing enter starts a new line or sends the message.

To find specific conversations: 
  1. Click All Conversations to filter by the following statuses:

    - All Conversations: Here you can view all your inbox conversations.
    - Unread: Here you can view unread conversations.
    - Starred: Here you can view conversations marked with a star. To mark a conversation that's important (star), just click the Star icon next to the conversation.
    - Archived: Here you can view conversations in your history (conversations you stored for viewing later).
    - Spam: Here you can view conversations that were flagged as spam.
    - Custom Offers: Here you can view conversations in which you have received Custom Offers.
    - Requests: Here you can view conversations in which you requested quotes from sellers.
  2. Click the magnifying glass icon to search for users.

To perform different actions on a conversation:
  1. Click the Actions icon within the conversation.
  2. Select from the following options:
    - Star/Unstar
    - Mark as Read/Unread
    - Archive
    - Delete

To report a message as a violation of our Terms of Service or as spam:
  1. Hover over a message, and then click the Report or Spam button.
  2. If you selected Report, then select the reason.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Decide whether or not you would like to continue to receive messages from this user and then click Submit.

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