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Requesting Specific Services

If you have trouble finding what you are looking for or have a special request, you can submit a Gig request. This allows you to make a request to the Banigig community. If your request meets the criteria of a seller, the seller will submit an offer.

To request a specific service:
  1. Once logged in, from the Buying menu, click Post a Request.
  2. In the description area, write what you are searching for.
    For example, if you are looking for a logo, you can specify your company name, business type, preferred color, etc. If you'd like, you can attach a file.
    Note: You can only attach one file, up to 20 MB.
  3. Select the category and subcategory of your request.
    For example, if you are looking for a logo, you should choose "Logo Design" within the "Graphics & Design" category.
    Note: In some categories, you may be asked to provide additional information (criteria).
  4. Select when you would like your service delivered once you place your order.
    You can select 24 Hours, 3 Days, 7 Days, or select Other and specify a number of days between 1-30 days.
  5. Enter your budget for the service you are requesting.
  6. Click Post.
    Your request will be labeled PENDING until it is approved by Banigig. If your request is not approved, it will be labeled UNAPPROVED.
    Note: Buyer requests with no new activity (i.e. new offers or boosting), will expire after 14 days.

    To manage your requests: 
  7. Once logged in, from the Buying menu, click Manage Requests.
  8. If your request is approved, in the ACTION drop-down list, you can select:
    - Pause if you want to pause your request due to too many offers, for example.
    - Boost if you want to push your request to the top of the list of requests by updating the date of request to be the "Boost" date. You can boost a request only once, per request. The label,  will appear next to your request if you select this action.
    - Delete if you want to remove your request.
  9. If your request is approved, click Review Offers.
    You will see a number of offers next to the button. 
  10. To sort your offers by date, price, delivery time, ratings or reviews, click the Sort Offers by drop-down list.
  11. To accept a Gig or find out more information about the seller, click Order Now.
    This will take you to the seller's Gig page, where you can find more information about the seller, order a Gig, or contact the seller.
    Note: To remove an offer, click Remove Offer. This will allow you to see more offers in place of the offers you remove.

The following are the Gig Request statuses:
  • ACTIVE: This means your Gig request is available and can be viewed by sellers as an active request. 
  • PAUSED: This means your Gig request is not active and not available to sellers. For example, if you have enough offers on your request, you can pause your request.
  • PENDING: Once you submit a request, the status is pending until it's approved by Banigig.
  • UNAPPROVED: If your request doesn't meet the proper criteria from our content team, it will be labeled Unapproved.

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